HOFOWEM is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) essentially established to cater to the needs of indigent members of our society. The Organisation was setup in 2015 and is based in Lagos State, Nigeria. We aim to consistently expand our reach, across our target groups delivering services of the highest standard.



“We envision a community where indigent members are capable, confident and financially independent.”



To impact the lives of the vulnerable through relevant and sustainable education, entrepreneurship training, mentoring and the required economic and social empowerment to enable them achieve their goals and aspirations.


Our Approach:

We primarily achieve these initiatives through the following empowerment projects and programmes:

  • Provide Capacity Building, Skills Development and Empowerment Programmes.

  • Provide Healthcare Support for Women, Children and the Aged.

  • Promotion of the Girl Child Education.

  • Award of Scholarship at the Tertiary Level.


Our Core Values


We help genuinely and conduct our activities in accordance with principles of transparency, cost efficiency and accountability.

We help within the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Our help is impartial, objective, equitable and balanced.

We adopt a professional approach when conducting business for and on behalf of Hope for Women in Nigeria Initiative (HOFOWEM).

We benchmark off and apply best practice standards to all our activities.